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Dear parents, a few words about safety,

 we are parents ourselves and the safety of the children is first and foremost

  This is our eighth year of activity.


We operate with the approval of the Ministry of education and sports,The activity has full coverage insurance and supervised by professional lifegaurds  

The crew is extensive experience,they are trained as professionals at the "WinGate" school trainers. 

Most of the instructors are professional lifegaurds so they save in the field throughout the year

The work is done in small groups and the Work method is Flexible and adapted to  the changing sea conditions

The study programme is gradual and begins a basic technique that develops during the course by the rhythm of the surfer.


We surf on Soft Boards and study on a sandy soil

The theoretical activities are carried out under the shade

There is a strict water discipline, wearing protective clothing and applying sunscreen cream throughout the day.

There is a certified paramedic and we have a first aid kit  in the camp

May We all have a wonderful and safe bathing season.



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