About us

Welcome to Sunnysurf  Surf-club

Surfing is a special and challenging sport.

 It has a unique rhythm that provides pure happiness.

Come and experience the magical surfer’s world with us!


“Sunnysurf” surf-club was born out of love to the ocean, surfing and nature

The club is located in the National park of Palmachim, which is in the center of the country,

20 km south of Tel-aviv.

Palmchim coast   is known for its nature, historical and archeology sights

since more than 2000 years ago.

The club specializes in surfing classes, using special surf boards for all levels.

“Sunnysurf” offers variety of classes: surf camps, personal, couples and groups sessions (also in English)

For more information and reservation:

Mobile 052-5630671

Fax 072-2370117


Wealth and happiness

Sunnysurf staff